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Renovation & Restoration

Patio joints disintegrating?

Weeds and grass coming up in between patio slabs?

Mortar joints between the Brickwork damaged and missing in places?

Water Ingress in your Property, black mold (Toxic Stachybotrys) internally?


Don’t despair… Our Brickwork and Patio renovation and restoration techniques will fix everything!

We may need to grind out and repoint all brickwork/slabs or we may get away with just the replacement of the more weathered areas.

Either way, we’ll visit the property in question and provide you with a free quotation and timescale.



Can You Renovate Brickwork & Patio’s?

The Renovation and Restoration of old, damaged/weathered patios and brickwork is a great way to save money. Intricate brickwork and large patios can be expensive to replace and so fixing it up with the right materials and know-how is a great alternative!

We can source and replace the same or very similar patio slabs, bricks and mortar colouring/consistency.

Once we have the materials at our disposal then we can get to work and it won’t be long before you are enjoying your outdoor space like you did when it was first installed.

Don’t worry if you can’t decide between repair, restoration, renovation and rebuild. We’ll guide you on what we feel is the most cost effective solution for you.

What Do We Renovate?

We restore garage brickwork, extensions, interior walls, fireplaces, outbuildings, garden walls, boundary walls, steps, chimneys, patios, driveways, ponds, swimming pool edgings etc.

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