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Patio & Brickwork Cleaning

➜ Patio looking a bit grubby?

➜ Mud and mould taking over?

➜ Brickwalls looking tired and unloved?

➜ Property Walls more brown than brick?

Don’t despair… We have the ability to bring your Patio’ and Brickwork back to life!

Whether its a pressure wash that is needed, a bit of repointing or some repair work such as slab or brick replacement just get in touch.

We’ll visit the property in question and provide you with a free quotation and timescale.



How Do We Clean?

Well it is worth mentioning that we do not use any harmful chemicals when cleaning your hard landscaping…
Just good old-fashioned water! This means the kids are free to get back out and play the minute we leave.

All we need is a power point and a hose so we can plug in our pressure washer and away we go!
You’ll be looking at a charge of roughly £25/m²

What Do We Clean?

We’ll clean up anything with moss or grime on it
Brick Walls, Patio’s, Piers, Steps, Chimneys, Flintwork, Driveways, Pathways, Roof Tiles and Decking etc

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